Saturday, 19 September 2009

Premiere Elements 6

I had to work intensively with Adobe Premiere Elements 6 last weekend. It became a horrible experience since it crashed often.

Obviously, I had to find an immediate solution. After a lot of google, more gray hair and frustration, I found the bug: Microsoft's Visual C++ runtime is pure fertilizer and must be updated.

Download and install these two files, but mind the fact that the smart people of M$ named them... Exactly the same. So change the names or save to different folders. Anyway, applying these updates solved my crashing problem in Premiere Elements 6.

I installed both just to make sure there are no conflicts and both are up-to-date. Should the links stop working because of M$ changing them, just google for their names and get them from

If you're looking for the best and least expensive Photoshop & Premiere you can get, check this great bundle by Adobe.

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ShadowWing said...

Another bundle you can tell your students to get at a rather low price is the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium (CS4) at SGD 99.00 @ Even you can buy it at that low price for home use or you can just use the school's CS4 haha.

MrNobody said...

Yes, I've got it!!! It's the best offer ever!
The only problem is that if you want to edit video... The pse/pre bundle makes sense, too...


A webpage with a nice and detailed explanation of half and full adders: