Thursday, 9 December 2010

My Online Footprints

Not only technomess keeps me busy. Probably that is why you do not see a large amount of posts on this blog, which is more like a notebook to me.

Although they are more closely related to my work as a Computer Technology teacher, they may be useful, or interesting:

  • An old blog managed and created by a former colleague ("magicpockets") and myself ("Delta"), now an archive of resources, ideas and notes from the time I had the privilege of working with him:  the HSTech blog.
  • My current new blog to provide additional information and resources for my students, Curious Computer Tech.
  • My tasty delicious bookmarks containing the treasures I have found online

And well, the rest is actually personal (facebook, twitter, flickr, and such) that I keep, well, personal and private.

Memory and Storage Devices

Videos related to the Computer Architecture topic (memory and storage devices) How a Hard Disk...