Monday, 27 April 2015

IB Computer Science Exam Revision

Hi there!

I will be using this blog to save and manage my resources for the computer subjects I teach. I may transfer them later to a wiki, which in my opinion is the ideal format for this, but I want to try the blog format first, as I will do my best to post every time we are meant to have a lesson (both standard and higher levels). If you subscribe, you should get notifications as soon as I post an entry, and perhaps this way you can also study "on the go"/wherever you are.

A full list of topics for IB Computer Science can be found here.
A couple of glossaries of Computer Science terms can be downloaded from our school's online class resources.

Hope you will find this useful. Mainly for my awesome IB Computer Science students, but this may also be useful if you're taking (I)GCSE ICT/Computer Science and similar courses.

I will be working on a "Table of contents" blog entry as well, which I will post separately and link to this entry as well, so if you're interested, keep an eye on this blog!

Thanks for reading and best luck!


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