Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Fedora 10

Yes, I've finally set aside some time to test Fedora 10. I've played with it for a couple of hours only (install + first run) and I have to say I'm impressed. The desktop I'm using is Gnome, which I find simple, efficient, and uncluttered, although sometimes short of customisation options. Well, that's that the command line's for anyway...

I'm going off-topic. Back to Fedora 10, the boot/start up time is impressive, I can't tell you the exact number of seconds, but it makes Ubuntu feel like a tortoise in comparison. Looks neat, works fast, very good software selection even if you don't customise it (I went for the default + development packages).

Anything bad? I wish I could have more control over which repositories to use in order to add and update the software. I've been spoiled by Debian, Ubuntu and their derivatives, yes... And perhaps a tool like the restricted drivers utility/install wizard, like the one Ubuntu includes, would make things easier.

Otherwise and so far, superb distro. I just wish it had tools to make my life easier in terms of optimisation, as I mentioned in the previous two paragraphs. I don't think I'll have enough time for another post on Fedora 10 anytime soon, but if you have the time and you like to try something different than the Ubuntu crowd of distros, have a look at Fedora. It's worth your time, in my opinion.

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