Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Linksys routers

Who hasn't had a problem like this before?

It's happened to me ever since I got my first router. The more stupid passwords I have, the more I forget. Maybe it's one of Murphy's laws?

Anyway, the easy answer is reset the router. Find the reset button, press it for 30 seconds, and it's all back to factory defaults.

For Linksys/Cisco routers, head to their website to grab their manuals (usually PDF format) and firmware ("ROM") updates.

I've also had Dlink network hardware in the past, so here's their support/downloads link.


robb said...

Thanks for the useful info Marcos...I am now going to reset the little bastard and see if I can make it work.

Sandii said...

I agree! they are majorly problematic... Get the newer/higher end ones... they have some at courts... Have a look!

MrNobody said...

Actually, I'm quite impressed by what I've seen of the firmware that comes with DLink routers... Apparently they have a built-in wizard that runs from within your browser. Neat and practical!

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